JULIE has been designing in New York City for eighteen years. For nine years, as a landscape architect, she focused on urban, civic, and other pedestrian landscapes. More recently, as principal of Julie Goodman Studio, she has zoomed into graphic design.

Julie views this shift as a jump in design scale rather than a change in careers. One transitional project was the signage, brochures, and other print materials for Sukkah City NYC. This landscape-scale graphic design project enabled Julie to shift from designing landscapes to designing the text and image based pieces that fill those spaces. See our work for Sukkah City.

With a cadre of like-minded consultants, her studio designs print, digital, and landscape scale work.  Project types include social media event promotion, logos for startups, WordPress websites, signage, gala and wedding invitations, email marketing templates, event promotional materials, brochures, design education, and more.

The work in this portfolio shows work from the formation of our studio through 2017.  We are currently posting new work on Instagram. To be in touch via direct message us at Instagram, or use our Contact Page. We look forward to working with you!

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